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Did you know.?

  • In calling for an investigation into possible election fraud, U.S. Congressmen cited more than 30,000 documented incidents of voting irregularities. [1]
  • 50 million people across the country voted on machines that leave no paper trail (more than 40% of voters). [2] These machines make verification of election results next to impossible .
  • A UC Berkeley statistical study of election results concludes that irregularities associated with electronic voting machines may have awarded Bush as many as 260,000 extra votes in Florida. [3]
  • Voting machines across the country are known to have malfunctioned , sometimes registering the wrong candidate for president, and sometimes subtracting votes instead of adding and recording them. [4]
  • Exit polling data (used worldwide as a tool to assess election integrity) do not match reported results in key swing states. Statistical analysis done at the University of Pennsylvania shows that these discrepancies could not have occurred strictly by chance or random error . [5] [9]
  • Several precincts across the nation have reported more than 100% turnout: [6] : a precinct in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio recorded more than 4200 votes for Bush but has only 638 registered voters! [7]
  • Here in Oregon , allegations of partisan destruction of voter registration forms have caused our Secretary of State to launch an official investigation. [8] Destruction of voter registration forms is a federal crime .


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[1] The text of the request sent by six members of the House of Representatives to the General Accounting Office on November 8, 2004 can be found here.

[2] As reported on the website of The Denver Voice

[3] This study, " The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Election ", by M. Hout, L. Mangels, J. Carlson, and R. Best

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[5] This study, "The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy", by S. Freeman, can be found at:

[6] From a review of county elections offices public record of reported results undertaken by truthinvoting.org's Research Action Team members.

[7] As reported by CNN on November 5, 2004. See article "Glitch gave Bush extra votes in Ohio"

[8] As reported in The Oregonian , "Voter Fraud Report Draws State Inquiry: GOP canvassing tactics and an account of mishandled registrations for Democrats prompts the investigation", by J. Mapes, October 14, 2004.

[9] Election Fraud 2004 web site http://www.electionfraud2004.org/presentation.pdf

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