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Related Links

  1. 2004 Election Fraud -- READ THIS FIRST!-- Excellent online slide show summarizing the issue (PDF file)
  2. 2004 Election Fraud -- Outstanding group of people.
  3. Audit the Vote -- Audit the Vote is a national network working to ensure the integrity of voting in America.
  4. Black Box Voting -- Bev Harris's groundbreaking site on e-voting machines.
  5. Citizensí Alliance for Secure Elections -- Dedicated to secure, reliable and voter verifiable elections in Ohio!
  6. Common Cause: Election Reform -- Protecting Democracy and Promoting Participation
  7. Common Dreams -- Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
  8. EIRS-- The Election Incident Reporting System -- A joint project of VerifiedVoting.org and CPSR.org (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility) has collected over 38,000 incidents from the 2004 election. You can also drill down into the map to view incidents in any state and any county.
  9. Florida League of Conservation Voters Summary of Election Fraud indicators. -- A good summary of how the 2004 election was rigged.
  10. Green party's 2004 presidential candidate David Cobb pursuing Ohio Recount -- David Cobb of the Green Party and Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party have filed for a recount of the presidential ballots cast in Ohio, and have filed a lawsuit to make sure there is sufficient time to recount every ballot.
  11. Help America Recount -- A 527 organization affiliated with the National Ballot Integrity Project, a consortium of national, state and local organizations committed to the transparency and integrity of our elections.
  12. Home Page of the Congressional Black Caucus -- "The Conscience of Congress Since 1969"
  13. National Voting Rights Institute Ohio Recount blog -- A chronology of stories coming from the Ohio recount process.
  14. Open Secrets -- Your guide to the money in U.S. elections
  15. Portland Oregon's ActionSpeaks Organization -- ActionSpeaks Portland is a non-partisan group formed in response to 2004 election irregularities.
  16. Solarbus -- Documenting what could be the highest crime in our country's history
  17. Stolen Election -- Easy and concise action alerts
  18. The Brad Blog -- The original reporter of the Clinton Curtis Affidavit re: Congressman Feeney's alleged contract for vote-rigging software
  19. The Election Reform Information Project -- Your first stop for Election Reform Information.
  20. Truth Out -- Continuing coverage of post-election news, updated throughout the day
  21. US Count Votes -- Investigating the accuracy of elections in America through the creation and analysis of a single database containing precinct-level election results for the entire United States
  22. USCountVotes.org -- Investigating the Accuracy of Elections.
  23. Verified Voting -- Defining and supporting reliable and publicly verifiable elections in the US
  24. Vote Problem -- If you know of problems related to the 2004 vote, you can enter an incident into the EIRS (Election Incident Reporting System) here.
  25. Votergate -- Free public educational video on electronic voting
  26. Voters Unite -- Non-partisan national grassroots network for fair and accurate elections
  27. We Do Not Concede -- Kat L'Estrange's elections site.

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