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In the News

, Carol McBrian Guest Viewpoint: Help stop irregularities in voting On March 31, a group of university statisticians led by Josh Mitteldorf of Temple University issued a troubling report. They noted that while President Bush officially won by 2.5 percent of the popular vote, the exit polls showed John Kerry winning by 3

, Kat L'Estrange Guest Viewpoint: Ballots cast on machine require scrutiny Voters typically believe the people have the power to vote unpopular leaders out of office. The reality, as was discovered in 2004, is that dirty tricks and schemes designed to disenfranchise voters make free and fair elections impossible today.

, Susan Palmer, The Register-Guard Eugene activists challenge election Members of a local group, Truth in Voting, also have rallied at Wyden's office. The group was able to gather more than 1,400 signatures on a petition...

, Gabriela Rico Oregon makes it official by casting electoral votes In a ceremony at state Capitol, Oregon's seven go to Sen. John Kerry

, Davide Steves Electors make outcome official The Eugene Register Guard covers Oregon's Electoral College vote of 12/13 and interviews Amy and Doe

, Kate Rogers Gessert Probing the Election Kate's letter to the editor appeared in the Eugene Weekly

, Susan Palmer, Eugene Register-Guard Profile: Voting activist to observe Ohio recount "We do not have an honest national election system and people do not trust it," says Kat L'Estrange, of Eugene, Oregon.

, Dianne Lobes Guest Viewpoint: Integrity of America's voting system is in danger

, Kate Rogers Gessert Election Wrongs: Is there enough fraud to challenge the outcome?

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