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After studying the various bills that have been introduced in the House and Senate, TruthinVoting.org has selected Senate Bill 330 and House Bill 550 as most worthy of our support. While we liked the Clinton-Boxer Bill (SB 939) best, we agree with VerifiedVoting.org's assessment that 330 and 550 are the best bills that have a chance of passing in time for the 2006 elections.

This is a work-in-progress. Please let us know if you have additional information, including profiles of other bills, corrections to currently listed bills, additional FEFs (Fair Election Features) by EMAILing us. Thank you.

TruthInVoting.org Election Reform Legislation Comparison Table

(FEFs) Fair Election Features: Clinton-Boxer 939 Rush Holt 550
Paper record verified before vote cast?



Records to Paper ballot for audit?

Yes Yes
Bans Thermal Paper?
Yes?? No
All codes available to commission and public?
Yes Yes
Voting helper allowed?
Yes Yes
Wireless communications allowed?
No No
Internet transfer of software allowed?
No Yes (but not connected to internet?)
Software and hardware accredited?
Yes Yes
Chain of custody documented?
Yes Yes
Background checks on programmers and developers?
Yes No, but manufacturers must notify of vote fraud convictions.
Recertification necessary if worked on?
Yes Yes
Two percent (2%) of polling places audited randomly?
Yes Yes
Audited polling places announced?
No Yes, after state declares final count
$500 million plus $20 million/year $150 million (HAVA-related).
Allows for optical scanners?
??? Yes (types?)
Allows for touch screen voting?
Yes Yes
Addresses voter wait times/provides for standards?
Yes No
Detailed data collection standards?
Yes No, vague, left to commision
Training for election officials?
Yes No, not addressed
Addresses purging voters?
Yes No
Commission develops measures to secure registration lists?
Yes, but not developed Yes, but not developed
Addresses voter registration omissions/corrections?
Yes No
Stance on Conflict-of-interest-- well-defined?
Yes No, but leaves arguing room
Study: Election day is public holiday?
Yes No

Last updated: April 3, 2005

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