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Congress of the United States

House of Representatives

November 17, 2004

David M. Walker
Comptroller General
U.S. General Accountability Office
441 G Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20548

Dear Mr. Walker:

I am writing to lend my voice to others within Congress requesting a review of the 2004 election. A record number of voters headed to the polls on November 2nd. With lingering concerns from 2000, Americans were eager to see that the election was administered properly and fairly.

Though we avoided a repeat of the 2000 debacle, the 2004 election once again provided evidence that our system continues to need improvement. You are well aware of specific troubling reports from around the country. Many of these were outlined in my colleagues' letters to you dated November 5th and November 8th. I urge you to look into those allegations and examine how new voting technology performed in this year's election and the respond of election officials to any failures. I also request that you review and evaluate how the following recommendations might improve the electoral process and improve voters' confidence that their vote is properly counted:

+    Improved electronic voting machines that require a voter-verified paper record.
+    Voting machines with open-source computer code.
+    Uniform and voter-friendly standards for counting provisional ballots.
+    Uniform and fair voter ID rules.
+    Uniform and simplified voter registration standards.
+    Early voting.

These are just a few of the recommendations of many election experts that should be thoroughly reviewed. Since the 2000 election we have started the process of improving our electoral system. However, the process is on-going and requires our continual oversight.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request Your staff may contact Jamie Harrell in my office with any questions regarding this request. He can be reached by phone at 225-6416 or by email at jamie.harrell@mail.house.gov



Member of Congress

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