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For Immediate Release:
December 30, 2004

Contact: Doe Tabor (vigil organizer)
via cell phone: 912- 5485
Via email: vigil@truthinvoting.org
Contact about this press release:
Marc Baber: news@truthinvoting.org



Local group challenges Senator Wyden to

protect the integrity of America's voting system

Members of Truth in Voting, a Eugene-area citizens voting rights group, have been working since the election to educate the public about the many irregularities and possible fraudulent incidents regarding the November 2nd vote and have petitioned Oregon lawmakers to investigate. As part of that effort, they have organized a vigil in the Eugene office of Senator Wyden to encourage him to be one of the Senators to stand for free and fair elections on the day of that crucial Congressional vote: next Thursday, January 6th.

"We are very concerned about the legitimacy of the November vote, especially in Ohio," said vigil organizer, Doe Tabor. "As is Senator Wyden. In late November, he wrote a very strong letter in support of the investigation Rep. [John] Conyers was conducting into the Ohio voting irregularities." The Truth In Voting vigil in Senator Wyden's office began on December 20th and continues when the office reopens January 3rd. "We will keep our peaceful presence in the office through the 5th, asking the senator to support the challenge we expect Representative Conyers and others will be making to the electoral college on Jan. 6th," said Ms. Tabor.

For more background on the vigil: www.truthinvoting.org/vigil.htm

About Truth In Voting: With over 57,000 voting irregularities logged nationally and a wide divergence between exit polls and final tallies in key battleground states, many political observers and every day citizens have grave doubts about the legitimacy of the outcome from the November 2004 Presidential vote. Truth In Voting is a local group formed, in part, by area citizens concerned about the very survival of our right to free and fair elections. We came together shortly after November 2nd, united by our outrage over allegations of vote fraud and a wide variety of methods undertaken by Republicans in key states to suppress the vote of minorities. We work together, not for partisan gain, but for the strengthening of our democracy. For more information, including links to national voting rights/democracy groups and breaking news on the fight for free and fair elections: www.truthinvoting.org

For background on the vote fraud issue and many of the developments since Nov. 2nd, visit: http://www.electionfraud2004.org/presentation/index.html for an online slide show.

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