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New! Updated! Give web-input to the FULL House Judiciary Committee -- Demand that the House Judiciary Committee hold "full hearings" on the 2004 election. Full hearings are essential, because that will give the Committee subpoena powers.
MoveOn.org Investigate the Vote Petition --
Working for Change Election Reform Email Campaign -- Email your representatives to ask for voting reform
People for The American Way -- Join PFAW Foundation in Acting on What We Saw November 2nd!
Democratic Underground's Local Media Blaster -- Nation-wide database of newspapers, radio and TV stations with e-mail addresses to send letters and articles about election fraud to your local media.
Petition Kerry, DNC and GAO to investigate e-vote fraud -- Demand Sen. Kerry, the DNC and the GAO investigate evidence of black box voting fraud in the 2004 election
Congressional Contact Info -- by "Capitol Advantage". A comprehensive contact info guide to national, state and local officials by zip code. Use this to contract your Representatives and Senators and ask them to contest the 2004 election.

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